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These items contain information on the game's story.
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Mining Station Datapad 1[]

We ran out of C4 2 weeks ago, but luckily we were able to craft some crude black powder bombs with some of the resources we could scavenge. I sincerely hope the Hephaestus gets here soon, I'm getting really sick of crawling through that disgusting guano to get saltpeter.

Mining Station Datapad 2[]

I give up. Retreat and fortify is my final option. He's really gone mad, I didn't want to believe it but there is no question now. I don't know if it was space madness during the trip or the exposure to the... artifacts, but he's changed. He's become something I... can't even understand. Why would a man do that to himself? How could a man do that to himself? No really... how? Now I sit here, holed up in my quarters hoping the supplies I managed to gather last until the screams and the clucking stops.

Mining Station Datapad 3[]

I don't know how much longer I have. I thought I was safe in my quarters, he's far too big to get up the platforms... He just keeps blasting away, chipping through little by little. If anyone finds this, tell my family I love them. What a horrible night.

Mining Station Datapad 4[]

Security Memo: For the love of god, turn the robot off when you guys leave the armory! I've had too many close calls and if you guys aren't careful someone is going to take a bullet to the teeth!

Mining Station Datapad 5[]

Get out.

Mining Station Datapad 6[]

Dear Diary, I kept telling myself I was the lucky one, That I was the smart one... Now I almost wish it had been over quickly. I had been here for 12 hours when I heard the gunfire and screams. Its been weeks now. I'm so hungry, so lonely, so bored. Ran out of burgers days ago, wanted to take more but 3d printer was broken. My only hope is the creatures will leave soon. I still hear them up there now and then, screeching commands at each other. I think they are looking for something. I hope it isn't me. -[XENOBIOLOGIST]

Mining Station Datapad 7[]

I'm just putting this in writing now, so that nobody can say I didn't warn them. Its a mistake to let the earth-native animals out into the open, even if they are in a giant pen. Hahn assures us all that his wall will keep the earth animals out of the rest of the biosphere, but I am dubious, life will find a way. We were given explicit orders, and when I brought this up with Hahn directly, he just called me a chicken and started clucking while flapping his arms. He kept clucking until I left the room. He stared at me right in the eyes the whole time. He didn't blink, not even once. We're doomed. -Head Xenobiologist [XENOBIOLOGIST]

Mining Station Datapad 8[]

So You've Been Stranded... Issue 1 - "The first 24 hours"

So you've been stranded... scared and alone on a potentially hostile alien planet. What do you do?

If your first instinct is to dig a hole and hide in it to avoid the local fauna (and sometimes flora), then go with your gut, it is probably a good idea to build some kind of shelter. Feel free to hide, cowering in the corner for as long as you'd like, but eventually you're going to get hungry, thirsty or bored, and you're going to have to go scavenging. Any planet with a healthy biosphere will likely have most of the basic materials you'd need to survive, but make sure to avoid getting stranded on any planets that do not have those materials. If you do land on a planet without sufficient raw materials, use the provided 9mm Pistol and single bullet to blow your brains out.

Your standard issue MEG tool has many useful functions for survival. The most valuable function of the MEG tool is the built in AGIS personal assistant/companion. AGIS will assist you by providing recipes and useful information that will greatly increase your chances of survival.* The MEG tool also has an Extraction Laser to dig through various materials such as dirt and wood. The Manipulation Laser allows you to sorta suck up your items with what can only be described as a laser vaccuum, it is very scientific and technical. In addition, Your MEG tool is also equipped with a convenient light, that you can use to look at things that would normally be too dark to see, and a little minimap that can show you any signals in the vicinity.

  • Once you leave communication range with your home ship, the AGIS system in your MEG tool will revert to its emergency backup mode. In this backup mode, AGIS's AI routines are run locally, rather than in the ship-wide cloud computing network. As a result, you may notice a minor degradation in overall performance, but don't worry, its fine, AGIS will still probably be a net benefit on a long enough timeframe.

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind on any potentially hostile planet is that some planets have tiny little bugs that burrow through your skin and lay eggs inside of you, and if you encounter a planet with those bugs, use the provided 9mm Pistol and single bullet to blow your brains out.

Mining Station Datapad 9[]

So You've Been Stranded... Issue 2 - "It's fine. Everything is fine."

If you're reading this then you've probably survived at least the first day on a hostile planet.

Mining Station Datapad 10[]

Contraband Report: Dr. Hahn was caught outside the Pioneer Station burning the glow ants with a lens. He was cackling maniaclly and when I questioned him he told me he was "Scouring the unclean beasts, so that the fowl may inherit the New Earth." I'd give him a demerit or something if it would mean anything, but he doesn't care about them...

I hope the Hephaestus gets here soon, or we're all going to lose our damn minds. -Captain [CAPTAIN]

Mining Station Datapad 11[]

If I could be any animal, I'd be a chicken. I'd be a big yellow chicken. Here are some reasons why chickens are pretty cool: 1: They are friendly 2: They are aerodynamic 3: They have feathers 4: They're cute 5: They make food from their bodies -Dr Hahn

Mining Station Datapad 12[]


Mining Station Datapad 13[]

Keep Dr. Hahn away from anything dangerous. He may be a brilliant engineer, but he's a crazy person, and I am sick of his crap. -Chief Engineer [ENGINEER]

Mining Station Datapad 14[]

Dr. Hahn should get a promotion and should be given all the tools he needs to complete his goals. I personally vouch for his skill and he is great. -Anonymous

Mining Station Datapad 15[]

That stinkturd Captain [CAPTAIN] took my lens away for basically no reason and said he put it "somewhere safe" and that if I needed one for any science reasons to requisition a lens from him. Balls to that though, so I'm designing my very own EVEN BETTER lens.

Mining Station Datapad 16[]

When we set out to craft the perfect axe, our impossible goal was to engineer a weapon that married the heft of a brutal smashing weapon, with the elegance of a finely tuned instrument. I think we succeeded.

Mining Station Datapad 17[]

The goal with this blade was to take the art of weaponry into the next generation, both aesthetically and functionally. From the beautiful bornite finish, to the refined rose-quartz blade and accents, no expense was spared.

Mining Station Datapad 18[]

When one sets out to design the perfect bow, you have to know that you are going after an elusive goal. The form must be flawless, and the function must be breathtaking. We took up the challenge, and I think the product speaks for itself.

Mining Station Datapad 19[]

The beauty of our crossbow, is that it combines the responsiveness of a preciesely machined device, with the power of a piece of military grade hardware.

Mining Station Datapad 20[]

When we set out to design a suit of armor powered by gems, our primary goal was to truly let form follow function.

Mining Station Datapad 21[]

The life on this planet is fascinating. Some of the brighter creatures even show a glimmer of intelligence when presented with simple puzzles. Many of the species have unique and useful adaptations and the more I study them the more I see the potential for advances in biological weapons design. I've come up with a design for a pistol based on (and composed of) the vital organs of one of the species. -Head Xenobiologist [XENOBIOLOGIST]

Mining Station Datapad 22[]

NOTE: This one will go in the Engineer's room, some foreshadowing.

Oh christ, I actually saw one of them today! I also made an amazing discovery... they can TELEPORT! Thats why they've been so hard to catch! Its all coming together... [XENOBIOLOGIST] was right, all the signs point to intelligent life, and they're hostile! Its been days since [XENOBIOLOGIST] disappeared, and at this point I'm positive he's been abducted. I tried to tell the captain but he just said that its probably space madness and that I should take a relaxation pill. I'm also positive the aliens abducted my friggin' cheeseburgers, and the 3d printer is still broken so I can't even make more. I have to do something or the alien menace will get us. When the crap hits the fan, I want to be protected. Once I fix my drones so they stop shooting at allies they'll blast the heck out of those alien jerks! Earth #1! -Chief Engineer [ENGINEER]

Mining Station Datapad 23[]

NOTE: This one will go in the Captain's room, some foreshadowing.

I don't know what to think anymore. I'd assumed that the relics we found were from a long dead civilization, and that [XENOBIOLOGIST]'s dissapearance would have a mundane explanation, but [ENGINEER] came to me today with a first hand account of actually seeing some kind of intelligent creature. He claims it teleported through the air somehow. I want to believe that his stressed out mind was playing tricks on him, but he described the creature in such vivid detail... Lets just say I'm open minded at this point. -Captain [CAPTAIN]

Mining Station Datapad 24[]

NOTE: This one will go in the Comm room

Its true, oh god its true. I saw them... then I heard gunshots and screaming. I won't go down like that, I'm settled in for the long haul folks. I want to send a message out, a warning to the Hephaestus, but the satellite is damaged and I can't get an intergallactic signal out. I'm going to record a message and leave it on repeat on the system-wide band and, hopefully anyone coming to this planet hears it before its too late and picks a new destination. This planet is taken, and they don't like visitors.

If anyone is foolish or stupid or idiotic enough to come to this place anyway, I've left various supplies and important documents in a secure location nearby. -Captain [CAPTAIN]

Mining Station Datapad 25[]

NOTE: Hidden, beneath comm room

I caught Dr. Hahn going through containers in my room today. He said he was "performing a health and safety inspection" of my "underpanties and related garments". I forcefully ejected him from my room and demoted him to class 0 personnel for the time being. Since I don't trust him as far as I can throw him, which isn't very damn far, I took the level 2 multipass upgrade terminal and buried it out behind the pioneer station. I went about 60 blocks left of the pioneer station and then dug way down. I set up an antenna, so it should show up on your MEG scanner when you get close enough.

Mining Station Datapad 26[]

I don't want alien eggs inside me. P.S. I've left various supplies and important documents in a secure location nearby. I hope they don't understand our language already...

Mining Station Datapad 27[]

If there was any question about intelligent life in the universe, we answered it here, on this planet. While mining, [ENGINEER] found some kind of underground structure. The structure was empty, but it was clearly built by intelligent hands. There was a thick layer of dust on all the surfaces, so whoever built the structure seems to be long gone.

Mining Station Datapad 28[]

We discovered this chunk of purple metal while mining, and despite my best efforts I have not been able to identify it. [XENOBIOLOGIST] swears that the lump is proof of intelligent creatures on the planet, but to me it just looks like a lump of naturally formed metal. That said though, I will admit that the properties of the material are curious... More study is definitely required. -Chief Engineer [ENGINEER]

Mining Station Datapad 29[]

I'm almost certain that Dr. Hahn is suffering from a case of space madness. He has become dangerously attached to his damned chickens at the expense of the mission. I am placating him as best I can at this point, as we won't have any replacement crew until the Hephaestus gets here, but I do worry that he may become more of an issue before long.

Mining Station Datapad 30[]


Mining Station Datapad 31[]

Dear Diary, I can't stay here anymore. We're being watched, and all my training regarding species interaction tells me that I should find somewhere to hide. I'm going to gather some resources and hide out for a few days. If I'm wrong, everything will blow over. I hope I'm wrong... -Head Xenobiologist [XENOBIOLOGIST]

Mining Station Datapad 32[]

They say that Man's reach exceeds his grasp... but I say Man's reach won't even compare to my span. Time to die, only to be reborn, like a phoenix from the ashes. -Dr. Hahn

Mining Station Datapad 33[]

I've been going out DAILY making sure to cover all the holes between the mining base and the Pioneer Station, but sure enough every time I go and check there are patches missing. Either some of the local fauna is busting up my platforms or Dr. Hahn is removing them just to be a jerk, I'd give even odds at this point.